GAPEKK™ 3200P      
Product Description
Product Details: Ultra High performance thermoplastic polymer, unfilled Polyether Ketone Ketone (PEKK), semi crystalline, powder for compounding, standard flow, suitable for food contact applications, color natural white.
Features  Food Contact Acceptable Good Flow Semi Crystalline
Appearance  White
Forms  Powder
Processing Method  Compounding

Physical Nominal Value Unit Test Method
Apparent Density 0.15 g/cm³ ASTM D1895B
Particle Size Distribution - D(100)  < 300.0 µm  
Thermal Nominal Value Unit Test Method
Continuous Use Temperature 300 °C UL 746B
Glass Transition Temperature 176 °C ASTM D3418
Melting Temperature 396 °C ASTM D3418
Thermal Stability - Haake  2 20 min  
Flammability Nominal Value   Test Method
Flame Rating (0.800 mm) V-0   UL 94
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2GSRF 05/420°C, 60 rpm

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